How to Strategically Plant Yourself to Harvest Success

Two truths that everyone must understand: 1. You have Powerful seed potential and some of the best things in the world are locked deep inside of you just waiting to come out. 2. A seed that hasn’t been planted cannot produce a harvest. Believe it or not, the NUMBER ONE thing that most people are guilty of is their reluctance to properly plant themselves. We say properly plant because if a seed is placed in the wrong environment, it will still not grow or yield crop. So where are you planted at right now? What type of Harvest are you currently producing? Locked away deep inside of each us are gifts, talents, wisdom, potential, education, ideas and much more but the ONLY way to access that level of greatness is to make certain that you have properly planted yourself. In this award winning presentation, Karim teaches five core principles on planting yourself designed for the purpose of helping you REAP the greatness locked inside of you. If you’re currently not bearing the fruit you’re supposed to have then this Destiny changing presentation is one you definitely don’t want to miss. Attendees will learn: * Three tools for spotting GROWTH rich environments * How develop strong roots by attaching to the correct peers & mentors * How to produce a Harvest that everyone wants to pick from * Why it's important to dodge the life’s rotten fruit. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the batch. * And Much, Much More….

Karim R. Ellis — Motivational Speaker

Karim R. Ellis

When OPPORTUNITY Presents itself.. You MOVE!!!

A Highly Innovative, Fun, & Captivating Motivational Speaker / Author who creates Breakthrough Success for Individuals and Organizations around the world. Over 200+ Positive Reviews on YouTube from Event Planners and Attendees! A+ Approval Rating

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