Superhero First Response.  BE.  BETTER.  FASTER.

Superhero First Response. BE. BETTER. FASTER.

Call after Call: Radical Resilience for the Tired Superhero

9-1-1. Stuck in the gap between repetitive boring shifts and bad calls. Call after Call — who is there for the first responder when life starts crushing down? Are you thriving or just-surviving? 7-in-7 is designed to lessen your fatigue, frustration, and doubt. Weakness is not an option. It’s time to do something radically resilient. Gain confidence. Build mental strength. Bounce back easier after crazy stupid days and bad calls. Tense escape from a tiny Alaskan island. Complete life-overhaul. Former Construction Manager. 2-minute tool. 7-in-7 is built to equip first responders. It’s science - use your physiology to your advantage. 1) Higher energy. 2) Enhanced performance. 3) Instant de-stress. In this session, Ana-Christina will show you how to: - Use the secrets of the 7-in-7 to boost perseverance - Tap into hidden energy pockets and enhance endurance faster - Radically increase your problem solving skills when they matter most - Promote preparedness. Be. Better. Faster.

Ana-Christina Hicks — Motivational Speaker

Ana-Christina Hicks

Resilience Training for the Helping Profession

STUCK IN THE GAP? Get out with practical, usable, concrete resilience tools. A tense escape from a tiny Alaskan island led to a complete life-overhaul. Former Corporate Manager designed a 2-minute stress busting tool. Get it for your group now!

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