Abraham Lincoln, The 7 Habits of America's Greatest Leader!

Abraham Lincoln, The 7 Habits of America's Greatest Leader!

7 Principles to Greatness

"Lincoln Live" by Leon McKinney Author, Speaker, Teacher, Coach, and outstanding Lincoln presenter Mr McKinney's riveting speech is a first person presentation of Abraham Lincoln sharing "The 7 Habits as America's greatest Leader". The speech shares captivating true stories of Lincoln modeling the seven principles of his success and character. 1. Communication 2. Vision 3. Lifetime of Learning 4. Humor 5. technology 6. Perseverance and 7. Integrity (the bedrock of his honesty) The following tidbits from the Technology section give you the flavor of it's content. Lincoln is only President with a patent. (google it) He walked weekly to the Patent office where he discovered the Winchester repeating rifle for his boys! He expanded the Telegraph lines from 400 to 4,000 miles during the Civil War. Abe used a new newfangled invention called photography to get elected in 1860. He signed the bill for Trans Pacific railroad. Lincoln received the first communication for over mile in the air? How? He encouraged the first use of a Hot air balloon for reconnaissance and the hooked up a mile long telegraph wire. He recieved the first electronic message from ever outer space.. This is a captivating, educational, and inspiring message that will resonate as "one of the most inspirational presentation you have ever heard." That is a direct quote from a student officer of FBLA after hearing Mr. McKinney presentation of Lincoln at Washington State FBLA conference in Seattle, Washington.this past Spring! (FBLA=Future Business Leaders of America). A high school organaztion of outstanding students learning to be better leaders. Mr McKinney, Resume' Leon is honored to be a Lifetime member of the “National Association of Lincoln Presenters” BA and Masters in Education from Central Washington University Certified John Maxwell Leadership trainer Lifetime member of The Million Dollar Roundtable received numerous awards for his Outstanding High School Concert, Marching and Jazz bands and community service. Author of NY Times recognized best seller: book: 1. Bouncing Back-Thriving in Changing Times, Wake up press, 2009 Leon McKinney contributor and motivational book E scholarships for kids in NCW. 2. Heroes and Hope, by Leon McKinney, 2010, Tindril Press, ISBN 978-0-9841543-9-5 Mr. McKinney spent 25 Years as an award winning High School Music Educator. 27 years in Investments and Insurance Industry and qualified as a Lifetime member of the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable. Leon has spent the past 10 years raising money for financially needy students to provide them initial College scholarships ($300,000 to date). He is Founder the Hope Scholarships and is known as "The Frugal Philanthropist". He ask folks to donate one latte a month, ($5) with 100% of the funds going to kids. That nonprofit is administered by the NC ESD Foundation to help area high school students. Mr. McKinney’s “Lincoln Live” presentation’s include: 1. The True Story of the Gettysburg Address 2. The 7 Habits of America's Greatest Leader 3. The Happiest Day of My Life (the day I went to Ford's Theater) 4. How I learned to read (for inspiring elementary students to improve reading skills). 5. Why I Love the 4th of July All presentations are tailored to the specific event. Google: (Leon McKinney Vimeo) for sample Lincoln at Wenatchee Valley College. A Live presentation that sold out and earned $6,000 for scholarships. CONTACT INFORMATION: COST: This is based on each situation. Mr. McKinney will advise on some methods of raising funds for the event. Many Business love to be Associated with Honest Abe and will support helping kids. The PTA associations of many schools also will help out. Typically the fee is $300 for local schools and $500 for out of town. Mr. McKinney also helps raise money for the students of each school he speaks. His program has raised over $300,000 in the past ten years for the Wenatchee and E. Wenatchee Schools. He was a board member of the Greater Wenatchee Community Foundation for 12 years and Vice President for 6. The profits from his speaking is then donated back to students for scholarships. hopeforkids1@gmail.com 702 Briarwood Dr. East Wenatchee, WA 98802-8301 (509) 393-8301 web site: The Frugal Philanthropist, Leon McKinney References: Dr. Richard McBride, Supt. Of the NC ESD Brian Flones, Supt of Wentachee Public Schools Dr. Garn Christenson, Supt of Wenatchee Public Schools Rufus Woods, publisher and owner of the Wenatchee World

Abraham Lincoln  — Motivational Speaker

Abraham Lincoln

Timeless Principles. Unforgettable Experience.

President Abraham Lincoln shares "The 7 Habits of America's Greatest Leader." Leon McKinney's first-person presentation of the greatest president in US history is riveting, dramatic, and effective. Suitable for all ages and stages of career.

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