Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie

Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie

How to stop stress before it stops you.

Elle Ingalls shows your audience a fast, simple method to reduce stress with her humorous stories, user-friendly explanations, and actions that provide immediate benefit. Audiences who have experienced Elle's workshops say they leave feeling more calm, smiling, and empowered with tools they can use for a lifetime. Great for sales, team-building, retreats, wellness.

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress — Motivational Speaker

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress

Maximize Performance Without the Stress and Burnout

From Kellogg to Wells Fargo and countless non-profits and educational institutions, Elle has cracked the code on reducing stress, anger and anxiety quickly and effectively. A former Forbes Coach, she solves your audience member's biggest problem.

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