Just be yourself but who the hell is that?

Just be yourself but who the hell is that?

Using ego states for optimal performance.

It’s pretty obvious to most of us that we have different aspects of our personalities that come out in different situations. We are different around our parents than we are our boss. We have a different attitude and persona when dealing with children than we do dealing with our coworkers, or hopefully we do. What if we can examine these different states, get to know them and call them at will to help us achieve more and optimize our time and performance? Using ego state theory we can identify the working aspects of our personality, name them and learn how to bring forward our best self for the situation at hand. Practical, easy and effective techniques to help you be the best you you can be. -Learn what ego states are and how they are formed -Discover your ego states and how to map them for optimal execution -Gain practical knowledge of techniques that will bring different states in to the executive to handle the task at hand. -Explore anchoring techniques to guarantee the right aspect for the job is available to you. -Learn to negotiate with states in conflict (i.e. one wants to rest the other wants to plug away at work) -Find techniques to help with hurt states or states that are overtaking a situation when a different state is actually needed.

Dr Kathy Gruver — Motivational Speaker

Dr Kathy Gruver

Inspiring people to change body, mind and spirit.

Have you ever thought, "Something needs to change?" But just aren't sure what? I can help improve mindset and motivation, enhance communication and leadership skills and help you decrease stress. All with a healthy dose of humor.

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