How to Create Massive Success Before You Roll the Dice!!!

Game Time is Karim’s most highly requested Leadership Training presentation. Capitalizing on the board game theme, this training teaches the audience seven unforgettable core principles that unlock greatness in ever faucet of life. Audience members both young and old will walk away with fresh ideas as this message is designed to break through the hidden boundaries that keep most people stuck. The room will learn, participate, and compete for wild prizes while learning to master several exhilarating core principles destined to put their goals in Checkmate!!! Attendees will learn: * How to apply your gifts, talents, and education to make everyday work easier * Why “success” is 50% what you know and 50% who you connect with * Why “time” is your most valuable resource and how to effectively master it * Why taking “action” is the most powerful success principle you can develop * How to create profound habits that will predict your future * And much more…

Karim R. Ellis — Motivational Speaker

Karim R. Ellis

When OPPORTUNITY Presents itself.. You MOVE!!!

Karim R. Ellis is an Expert Transformational Coach that has been featured in NBC, CBS, ABC, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, and FOX network affiliates as well as other major news outlets. Over 200 plus video Positive testimonials on YouTube!

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