2.5 Seconds to Live a Leader's Guide

2.5 Seconds to Live a Leader's Guide

Taking Command of Your Situation in High Intensity

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria was one of the U.S. Navy's Third women Test Pilots and Commanding Officers. At the onset of her career she narrowly survived the crash of a high performance jet. The lessons of that experience were many. The lessons are also invaluable to any leader or organization that is on the fast track, engaging high intensity operations and balancing decisions with risk. Linda in this program will walk you through the key lessons of her experience of being 2.5 seconds from crashing and what it takes to be in the command of your own survival.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria — Motivational Speaker

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria

Calibrating you and your business for EDGE

Leading Authority on Edge Performance. Champions leaders and businesses to take ownership of leading themselves to Think Precisely and Act Decisively so they can engage uncharted territory with confidence.

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