Resiliency 2.0

Resiliency 2.0

How to draw on your own natural sources of resilience to flourish in the face of adversity

Humans are naturally resilient beings, but what causes some to rise to repeated challenges, and others to shrink? Leveraging his years as an Olympic athlete and innovator, John K. Coyle explores a new model of resiliency, one where proactive challenges are designed to build capacity for ever greater performance under pressure and adversity, and where focusing on strengths and mindfulness creates increasing capacity for stress. Drawing on his personal experience, neuroscience-based evidence and in depth research, John weaves a new story around the characteristics of those who will survive and thrive in the future. In this program, you will learn to: - Identify and understand your personal stress triggers, and make a plan to deal with them in a proactive, not reactive, manner. - Recognize and leverage your own patterns of resilience from an introspective look at your own turning points. - Take the stress caused by constant change and convert it into positive energy and greater capacity to grow and advance.

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert — Motivational Speaker

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert

Engaging stories and practical take-aways

Olympic Silver Medalist, NBC Analyst, Stanford d.School design thinker & innovation expert. John weaves facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories that are both inspiring and immediately practical.

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