Strengths 2.0: Applying "Design Thinking" to Individual and Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths 2.0: Applying "Design Thinking" to Individual and Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Leverage Strengths to Build Your Dream Team

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is it time to try something new? Through the metaphor of sport, you will learn a strategy to reframe your approach. Olympic medalist John K. Coyle, shares the story of how he eschewed his coaches’ advice and quit trying to fix his weaknesses. Instead, he applied “design thinking” to his training, focusing on his core strengths, which lead to a world-record-breaking performance. Individuals, teams and companies can use this method to identify and leverage their unique strengths (and design around weaknesses). This approach will help leaders decide when to delegate or outsource functions, create higher engagement with customers and colleagues, and achieve breakthrough performance. This program (along with a variety of module add-ons) can be delivered in a keynote or workshop format, from 30 minutes to one-day. For a preview, watch John’s TEDx talk on this subject. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Applying the “design thinking” process, will empower you to: 1) achieve breakthrough performance by focusing on what you do best; 2) decide what to delegate, team up on, or outsource; and 3) create higher engagement and more effective collaboration with customers and colleagues. WHO WILL BENEFIT? This program is particularly well-suited to: - High achieving groups, such as sales teams, business leaders and management consultants looking for an extra edge; - Individuals about to begin a new endeavor or new phase of life, and contemplating how to become their personal best; - Managers dealing with change and/or challenging groups of employees; and - Business units in growth mode striving to integrate different cultures and teams. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FOR YOUR GROUP: - John will work closely with your leadership team to customize his program to meet your organization culture, event theme and other unique requirements. - John will bring his Olympic Silver Medal to your event — depending on the size and nature of the group, he will pass the medal around for attendees to examine and take photos. - John will bring step-and-repeat banners and pose for photographs with attendees, or sign books, if appropriate for your setting and event. - If your event continues beyond John’s presentation, he will stay and participate in panel discussions, meals, receptions, and other group activities (schedule permitting). OPTIONAL ADD-ON A Self-Assessment Exercise. During the session each participant will take a self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses, identify the relationship between the two, and search for "hidden strengths." OPTIONAL ADD-ON B 360 Strengths Assessment. Pre-program assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses. A month before the event, each attendee will receive an assessment tool that allows them to seek anonymous feedback about their personal strengths and weaknesses as viewed by peers, subordinates, friends, family and past and present colleagues. The tool is sent out by email and takes each responder less than five minutes to complete. A confidential summary report is compiled and delivered to each attendee as part of John’s presentation, and provides a great tool for introspective analysis and planning by comparing the perceptions of others to their self-assessment. OPTIONAL ADD-ON C Facilitated team follow-up. In a follow up session after the team has had a chance to individually process their assessment results, the team will regather for a facilitated session to share their results with each other and identify steps and plans to maximize individual and team performance. By airing and declaring weaknesses, and finding team members with complementary strengths, the team will build trust and learn how to bring their best selves to address the challenges facing them. ADDITIONAL INNOVATION LEARNING MODULES THAT CAN BE INCLUDED IN HALF OR MULTI-DAY SESSIONS 1. Innovation Primer (30 minutes to 1 hour): Engaging and entertaining narrative and storytelling on what innovation is (and isn’t), why mindset matters, helpful tools and frameworks, the nature of insights, and a primer on design thinking and creative problem solving. 2. Innovation Leadership (2-4 hours): Part One: Reframing of the current environment as one characterized by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity), the whys and hows of innovation leadership practices, and how they differ from traditional management approaches. This interactive session will challenge traditional assumptions of leadership and be custom designed based on the needs and challenges of the leaders that emerge through a pre-event interview process. Part Two: Custom designed, facilitated learning session potentially including a) changing paradigms in business, b) innovation kryptonite — victim vs. creator, c) cultivating a culture of innovation or d) innovation burning platform - what is the case for innovation in your company? 3. Design Thinking/Ideation (1-4 hours): Part One. Interactive session using design thinking principles combined with lateral thinking tools to safely practice creative problem solving on a fictitious business problem. Part 2: Interactive session using design thinking principles to begin identifying unique and breakthrough ideas for a previously identified real-world business problem and initial convergence on quick wins and viable longer term ideas, along with an initial evaluation and prioritization. 4. Cultivating a Culture of Innovation (1−3 hrs): How (Not) to Kill Creativity and Stifle Invention: why is culture essential to innovation? Why have so many companies unintentionally stifled it? What are the key drivers associated with innovative cultures and how do you shift a system to be creative, risk tolerant, collaborative and customer focused? 5. Innovation Burning Platform (3 hrs + homework and followup): Creating the case for Innovation. Assemble and evaluate the implications of macroeconomic, industry, competitive, customer and company factors to determine the case for innovation. Includes discovery, interviews and facilitated alignment around the role and importance of innovation in a company's future. 6. Innovation Antibodies workshop: Victim vs. Creator (1−3 hrs): Building off the concepts framed in "The Empowerment Dynamic" - define the nature and roles of the "drama triangle" - victim, rescuer and persecutor, and reframe and practice the innovator triangle framework of coach, challenger and innovator. Mid-level managers are often in the most difficult positions in the business — facing pressures to change, adapt and innovate from above — all while cutting costs AND leading and managing teams that are being downsized while being asked to take on more and do things differently. The innovation antibodies workshop teaches leaders how to “avoid the drama” and take accountability for their role in it as well as coach and challenge others who may be falling into victim roles and mentality. 7. Learner vs. Knower workshop (1-2 hrs): Define key characteristics of the “knower” mindset (closed to innovation) and the “learner” mindset (open to innovation), and learn language and tools to encourage the learner mindset to flourish. 8. Diversity and Inclusion and Innovation workshop (3 to 5 hrs): Workshop to define the innovation mindset and explore practices to better develop it. This involves understanding the direct correlation between diversity and inclusion and innovation, and how the former serves to drive the latter. In fact, when the two intersect it leads directly to improved performance and often unprecedented business results (as demonstrated through case studies.) In this workshop, participants will be presented with current research and teaching on the subject, experiential learning and a work session to deepen the learning and apply it to real-work situations. Partnership with Joselyn Dipetta of Present Possibility. 9. Innovation "World Cafe" (2.5 − 3.5 hrs): “Change the Conversation = Change the Culture.” Inspire and empower line-level employees, managers and leaders to co-create a new conversation using newfound innovation language, tools and techniques to invent a new future – together. Innovation primer speech followed by facilitated “world café” multiphase exercise: Use appreciative inquiry organizational change model to design and facilitate meaningful group discussions on essential strategic topics for the enterprise to build know-how, community and relatedness. John will work closely with your leadership team to customize his programs to fit the goals and personality of your organization.

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert — Motivational Speaker

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert

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Olympic Silver Medalist, NBC Analyst, Stanford d.School design thinker & innovation expert. John weaves facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories that are both inspiring and immediately practical.

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