Culture Is The Bass

Culture Is The Bass

7 Principles For Developing A Culture That Works

Can you imagine going to a music performance tonight (any type will do) and the musicians are not playing together? Each of them is engaged in their own musical performance while wearing sound canceling headphones. They are each playing every note perfectly using their own tempo and volume – but they’re not in sync with any of the other musicians. Does this sound like something you would want to spend your evening listening to? Unfortunately, this same situation occurs in many workplaces. Every day companies fail to compete in the market and grow because of a poor Project Portfolio Management culture. Culture Is The Bass: 7 Principles For Developing A Culture That Works, walks you through how organizations can achieve balance, harmony and a unified vision.    Creating a culture that works is a multi-step process. These seven principles provides an insightful and unique way of combining the author’s experience and expertise as a professional Bassist and certified Portfolio Management Professional (PMP& PfMP).   This program reveals how companies can perform like a World Class Orchestra and receive a standing ovation from their employees and customers.

Gerald J. Leonard — Motivational Speaker

Gerald J. Leonard

Developing A Culture That Works!

Corporate Culture Author and Musician helping organizations and individuals "Develop a Culture That Works!"

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