Networking 101: Getting the Job or Customer That You Want

Networking 101: Getting the Job or Customer That You Want

For college students and new professionals

Is there a dream position that you want to have, or a dream customer that you want to serve? We'll show you how with the Contacts Count Networking System, and then develop all the principles behind it: Access Your Skills, Set Your Strategy, Sharpen Your Skills, and Select Your Settings. We'll look at several incredible examples of how networking opportunities turned into huge personal and corporate success. We'll also review the 10 biggest misconceptions about networking, and help you develop a unique selling proposition for you to use when you're in a networking situation. Once we go over the basic techniques of networking, we'll then review how to use technology to further your networking abilities, and then show you how to get to the next steps with all the contacts you've developed. All of these techniques are applicable for current undergraduates, recent graduates looking for new jobs, or even those who have an existing job and want to quickly move up the corporate ladder or get the perfect customer. Learning Objectives. By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Analyze their own skills. 2. Create a strategy to showcase those skills. 3. Develop networking skills. 4. Build communication abilities with perspective employers/management. 5. Evaluate the various settings in which networking opportunities exist. 6. Develop their own unique selling proposition. 7. Demonstrate how to take the contacts they've developed and turn them into real opportunities for internships, jobs, and customers. Intended Audience: fraternity members, sorority members, incoming first year class, the entire student body, corporate

Mike Ayalon — Motivational Speaker

Mike Ayalon

Passionate about safety and growth of college communities

Mike is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and seasoned executive with a passion for Greek Life. He confronts the major issues facing our Universities like Hazing, Sexual Assault, and Alcohol/Drug Abuse, as well as opportunities for campus growth.

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