Put Your Phone Down And Look Up!

Put Your Phone Down And Look Up!

Encouraging Students And Millenials To Engage With The World; Not Technology

This fun, fast, funny and fascinating presentation challenges audiences to answer the question: what don't you see while you are looking at your phone. Presidential and Congressional Award-winning speaker, author and educator Barry Bradford offers a new program that will uplift, motivate and challenge your audiences. The end result will be a more engaged and motivated audience! As Barry says, "We live in a selfie obsessed culture where we are so busy looking at our phones and taking pictures of ourselves that we cannot see there is a hurt and broken world just outside our vision; a world that needs us to be active participants." The challenge to students and millennials is to really see the world - not just take pictures of it! With the wit honed by years of stand up comedy and the communications skill of a former National Teacher Of The Year, Barry Bradford will motivate your audiences to be their best selves. Points Include * How non-stop texting interferes with real communication. * Why taking selfies makes you miss the real beauty of the world. * What the world looks like when you engage with it. * When we talk face-to-face we build meaningful friendships. For more information on this presentation, drop Barry a note!

Barry Bradford — Motivational Speaker

Barry Bradford

Each of us has power to make history and to change history.

Barry Bradford is a Presidential Award winning storyteller & an internationally acclaimed crusader for justice. He is a force for change whose record of success includes being named National Teacher Of The Year, bestselling author & standup comic.

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