Little Steps, Big Feat

Little Steps, Big Feat

Lessons in resilience from one woman's walk around the world

Do you want your employees and members motivated to reach for new visions in their lives and careers? What if your audience members left your event feeling refreshed, excited, and inspired to reach new goals and ideas in all that they do? And, what if you could do all of this with a multi media presentation which will make them laugh, cry, and learn lessons from the world – and enable them to apply these lessons to their daily lives? Polly Letofskys Little Steps, Big Feat: Lessons from one woman’s walk around the world has been enjoyed by audiences from Fortune 500 companies to national associations, government conferences and universities – will do just that. Polly Letofsky, the first woman to walk around the world, has been speaking to rapt audiences around the country sharing the lessons of her 5 year, 14,000 mile journey with humor and honest reflection, the good times and the hardships. "She spoke to key leaders in our organization connecting her walk around the world to the challenges we face every day in our workplace.--Human Resources Manager | Adams County – Colorado" ***** On August 1, 1999, Polly left her home Colorado home and headed west. She traveled across 4 continents, 22 countries, and over 14,000 miles – by foot – to become the first woman to walk around the world. As an awareness campaign for breast cancer, survivors and well-wishers around the world came to walk with her. Every day strangers welcomed her into their homes and shared meals. The world had embraced her. But in the middle of Polly’s five year journey, the world suddenly shifted on it’s axis when September 11 flung us all into a crossroads in world history. Polly suddenly found herself embedded in a vastly changing world and realized she could never retrace her steps home – they’d vanished in a tide of world events. It's through the lessons of her own daunting journey that she brings the lessons of goal setting and perseverance to life. She followed Mark Twain's famous advice, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking down your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one.” Your audience will walk away with a renewed commitment to empower themselves, to take on larger, bigger, bolder projects without the walls of fear holding them back. With her multi media presentation they'll learn lessons in adaptation, attitude, commitment, and turning fear into fuel, will provide clarity to their goals. Polly’s GlobalWalk has been featured in over 2,000 newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations around the world, including Good Housekeeping, CNN International, The CBS Early Show, NBCs Your Total Health, and Fine Living Channel’s Radical Sabbatical. Newcastle Productions has recently released Polly’s GlobalWalk, a documentary chronicling her journey. Her book 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman's Walk Around the World won Best Memoir at the 2011 National IPPY Book Awards, as well as Best Memoir at the 2011 Writer's Digest Best Book Awards. A natural storyteller, since her return, Polly has been speaking to rapt audiences around the country. She richly details her journey with humor and honest reflection, the good times and the hardships. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always inspirational, Polly’s inspiring keynote personifies the spirit of commitment and perseverance that will compel your audience to take on life’s biggest challenges – one step at a time. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always inspirational, Polly’s program personifies the spirit of commitment and perseverance that will garner a new strength in your team to reach goals. This program is CEU approved. WHAT EVENT PLANNERS are saying about Polly's program: “Polly inspired our entire company to reach out, step out, and take a chance, even when it seems unattainable. For that our entire executive team thanks her again and again” --Amy Hand | Pinnacol Assurance “We NEED this woman back again and again and…!’ --Diane Sova | Ball Aerospace “Polly inspired our team to reach out to each other, to never give up, even when facing what looks impossible. She gave us an example of a strength and perseverance that exists in all of us.” -- Melinda Keith | DIRECTV “I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful Polly’s keynote was. Multiple nurse practitioners who were at the conference said her keynote was ‘inspirational and just what we needed to start off the conference.’ We could not be happier!” --Rebecca Priebe | Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners “Polly’s presentation drove home the critical importance of leaders needing to have strong commitment, positive attitude, willingness to reach out to others for support, and a sense of humor. Our leaders thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from her program.” --Jodi Grossman | GHX “Polly’s inspirational message to our practice left everyone who walked out of the room awed - and provided us with the confidence that putting one step in front of the other will get us to our goals. --Coralie Chan | Kaiser Permanente Annual Sales Convention “The amount of positive feedback we received from our guests about Polly’s keynote was overwhelming. Her ability to correlate her experiences with that of our clients and those in the audience was not only motivational, but highly entertaining.” -- Dana Juniel | Event Manager, Family Tree “We received an explosion of positive feedback from the attendees that your presentation was “a nice human touch to a technical conference” and “keynote speaker was phenomenal!” It was definitely what I was looking for and was impressed that you tied in your challenges to relate with our challenges on the job.” --Wendy DeVargas | APWA (American Public Works Association) “Polly delivered a talk that was motivational, passionate and entrepreneurial in spirit. She showed a room full of young business students that these skills are the first steps in building a business and succeeding, even with big challenges.” --Professor Candace Ruiz | School of Business | Community College of Denver “Polly was the perfect kick-off speaker for the 2011 Summit for Professional Growth. Our theme for this year’s Summit was “resilience,” and Polly certainly set the stage for the rest of the conference with her witty and inspirational program. I have already recommended Polly to several of my colleagues.” --Karen Main | Training Specialist, City of Englewood, Colorado. "We were motivated, educated, entertained, and enlightened. The room was buzzing afterwards." --Karen Miller | Colorado Assessors Association Annual Convention “Polly has a special way of sharing her program with animation, humor and tears. It was engaging, meaningful and motivating!” -- Neysa Barlage | Kaiser Permanente Foundation “Polly really connected with the wide array of audience members and brought vibrancy and life to the otherwise very traditional event. Flawless.” --Katie Kruger | Denver Board of REALTORS® Million Dollar Roundtable Annual Awards Luncheon "Polly was just what our women's division was looking intelligent, interesting and humorous speaker. All ages, 25-88 yrs old, unanimously loved hearing the life lessons of Polly's journey and how the effect us in our lives and business." --Barbara Glazer | Programs Chair of National Jewish Federation, Milwaukee, WI

Polly Letofsky — Motivational Speaker

Polly Letofsky

Little Steps, Big feat: Lessons from a walk around the world

The inspirational story of the first woman to walk around the world. Polly shares the lessons of resilience, perseverance, and goal-setting in the triumphant spirit that got her around the world, while connecting the challenges we face every day.

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