From Tragedy To Triumph

From Tragedy To Triumph

The courageous story of John becoming the first person in history to run a marathon without legs

John is dedicated to making your event the most enjoyable, uplifting and empowering that it can be. With that in mind, John understands that the needs of his clients will be different depending on its audience members, theme of the event and specific issues that need to be addressed. The main themes of John’s presentations are overcoming adversity, maintaining a positive attitude, leadership, goal-setting and teamwork. “From Tragedy To Triumph” John will tailor his signature story and the vital lessons he has learned from his life experiences to fit the needs of you and your audience. John speaks from his heart about his life from the day he was told he would never walk again to becoming the first and only person in history to run a marathon without legs. Through storytelling, a power-point presentation and movie clips your audience will be captivated by John’s presentation.

John Tartaglio — Motivational Speaker

John Tartaglio

John Tartaglio Motivational Speaker

First and only person in history to run a marathon with no legs. Inspiring, motivating and empowering audiences across the country. "How Far You Fall Doesn't Determine Who You Are, It's How Hard You Work To Get Back Up"

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