It's Time to Come Alive

It's Time to Come Alive

How to Design a Life That Would Make Your 8 Year Old Self Proud

Think back to yourself at age 8. What would your younger self think about the life you are currently living? So many of us were full of big dreams at that young age, but somewhere along the way, we stopped believing that anything is possible and we instead starting settling. We developed limiting beliefs that held us back, and those stories we tell ourselves have stopped us from going after the things in life that truly light us up inside. This interactive presentation talks about how to design our daily habits, how to craft our environment for success, why we must prioritize self care and attending to our emotional health, and why we need to also focus on challenging ourselves and taking bold action. After this inspirational talk, attendees will feel inspired and filled with the desire to make transformational change and they will leave with a step by step action plan of what next steps to take to find what makes them come alive. After over a decade working as a therapist and life coach, Valerie has seen how all of the areas of our life (i.e. career, relationships, mindset, health, finances, environment, etc.) are so incredibly interconnected that when one area is neglected, all areas begin to suffer. As a result, her presentations have lead attendees to not only experience more personal fulfillment, but companies have found that their bottom line is impacted when their employees begin to take a greater satisfaction in their life as a whole.

Valerie Groth — Motivational Speaker

Valerie Groth

Val is a sought after international speaker who is praised for her contagious energy, enthusiasm, and ability to bring transformation to those in the audience.

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