Gaining control of your life by battling adversities

Gaining control of your life by battling adversities

The focus is on empowerment and resilience to remove obstacles

This presentation is focused on two key objectives — empowerment and resilience. The presentation focuses on empowering oneself to face life’s difficult challenges, and, overcoming obstacles to gain control of your life. This is a very effective presentation for all audience. They see a person who suffered from a devastating long term mental health disability triggered by bullying based on cultural differences. They also see a strong person who was willing to work hard to fight the difficult battle and gain control of his life. This is an inspiring presentation that encourages attendees to empower themselves and to not give up when faced with significant difficulties and obstacles. I will share my personal story of resilience to inspire the attendees to believe in themselves and conquer obstacles to take control of their lives as well as to assist others who might need some help in developing resilience. Specifically, this presentation focuses on long-term mental health impact of bullying that was based on cultural/racial differences. When a person is bullied because of differences in how he looks or how his name is spelled, the long term impact can be devastating. However, the overall message is that one can be resilient and empower oneself to regain control of one’s life by overcoming odds.

Sumi Mukherjee — Motivational Speaker

Sumi Mukherjee

Writing and speaking on topics that change lives

Speaker's focus is on a number of current issues such as acceptance of cultural diversity, long-term devastating psychological impact of bullying, challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse, workplace bullying, emphasis on prevention

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