Interpersonal Communication and Self Talk

Interpersonal Communication and Self Talk

What's keeping you from accomplishing where you want to be in life? Get excited about a change, for a change is within reach!

What you say to others, and what you say to yourself matters. Dr. Jan and her audiences reveal and explore how verbal and non-verbal communication influences what people think about you, and what you think about yourself. Using positive words is self affirming and self empowering. Effective communication skills are taught that can positively change lives both personally and professionally. Your audience will leave motivated, inspired and charged up to make a difference in their lives, just by changing the words they use.

Dr. Janice Fortman - — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Janice Fortman -

The Relationship and Communication Strategist

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable position of saying something that did not come out right personally or professionally? Effective communication is the key. I can show you the way.

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