How To Be Your Own Change Agent

How To Be Your Own Change Agent

You - Your First Customer

Do you know how to change your environment instead of your environment changing you? This workshop delves into how you are responsible for creating or changing your environment of wherever you spend your most valuable time -- at work, home, etc. Taking full responsibility and understanding your own power of change will indeed alter your perspective and outlook on life, your pursuit of happiness/success and sustainability. We discuss psychological behaviors that effects one's outlook and in some instances the outcome of daily situational happenings. Having the right mind-set will provide sound, concrete and less stressful solutions to decision-making and choices. Having the right perspective allows for making necessary changes in daily practices.

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist — Motivational Speaker

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist

Helping People and Businesses Reach Their STAR Potential!!!

Life building inspiration and empowerment to develop and hone actionable life changing skills to propel one forward in their spiritual, professional and personal endeavors! Signature workshop - The Psychology of selling You!!

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