The Psychology of Selling You

The Psychology of Selling You

Striking the Right Image

"The Psychology of Selling You" is an exceptional workshop that fully demonstrates the importance of superior customer service and how a lack thereof can indeed impact a company or organization's bottom line. This workshop also highlights self-image in a way that one understands their own behavior as it relates to how they are perceived by others. You are in complete control of your image and how others see you. I teach you how to frame yourself before others have the opportunity to do so. In a nutshell, it's all about branding. You don't need a business to brand yourself! We discuss how you have to be your own customer first and buy into whatever it is you are selling or providing. We discuss how Psychology (human behavior) is a great tool for engaging people in such a way that they are always left with wanting more. My seminars and workshops are fun, engaging, participatory and most importantly effective!! I have many years of experience working in all sorts of environments from Capitol Hill to Westpoint Military Academy. I also teach people how to be good customers. I use real life experiences to make my audiences laugh, think, and be inspired by what they can accomplish by just changing the way they understand and see the world.

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist — Motivational Speaker

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist

Helping People and Businesses Reach Their STAR Potential!!!

Life building inspiration and empowerment to develop and hone actionable life changing skills to propel one forward in their spiritual, professional and personal endeavors! Signature workshop - The Psychology of selling You!!

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