The Magic of Human Connection

The Magic of Human Connection

A Lost Art in a Digital World

Technology was supposed to improve the QUALITY of our human connection. Instead, we’ve become lost in a sea of softly-glowing screens and endless email, losing touch with each other and suffering consequences that no one could have predicted. The Magic of Human Connection — A Lost Art in a Digital World keynote presentation uncovers the keys to creating more human connection at work and in life in a world that has forgotten how. After experiencing engaging stories and humor, provocative science, Tim’s incredible “brain science magic,” and yes, his show-stopping “backwards poem”, attendees will leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of what is really important — bringing that sense of purpose and meaning into the workplace with astonishing bottom-line results. After this program, attendees will be able to… - Understand and apply the five keys of human connection - Create more rapport and influence in all interpersonal interactions - Eliminate the mindset that destroys communication before it even begins - Appreciate the importance of human connection in a business setting and feel motivated to improve connection skills - Create and contribute to a work culture focused on human connection

Tim David — Motivational Speaker

Tim David

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Human connection skills are becoming extinct in our digital world. Unfortunately, they are what matter MOST in business (and in life). Tim David's high-energy, high-content programs can help you become "good at people" in a practical way

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