Finding Your Happiness - Overcoming adversity

Finding Your Happiness - Overcoming adversity

The Personal Happiness Graph

Finding Your Happiness helps people look at life from a new perspective. We will utilize The Personal Happiness Graph to look at life from a new perspective. In this program you will discover what is truly important to you, areas of life that you find discontent, and how to make connections between different areas of concern in your life. We will examine the 5 categories that we all have expectations in (People, Responsibilities, Activities, $ money and Environment). The graph will show you the difference between your ideal self and your actual self. We will also look at some proven strategies to help you narrow the gaps between what you want and what you have. Hundreds of people have gone through this program. It has been life changing for many. This program has help spur on new businesses, fixed marriages, and helped many people Find Happiness. It is also the catalyst for The Finding Your Happiness Radio Show.

John Polish — Motivational Speaker

John Polish


Unlike any other presentation!!! John Polish delivers an engaging and entertaining look at overcoming adversity. His approach to emotional awareness can help personal growth as well as employee morale and customer satisfaction.

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