Life is a business?

Life is a business?

Motivation that matters, motivation that lasts

Life is a business? Well if it is, here’s the real question: so how’s business? Whether you are the owner of the company or not, do you or any members of your team feel like you are trapped in a dead end job? Is your life at home one where you feel emotionally bankrupt? Are you alienated from your family members and do you feel when you get together it is like a bad networking event? How about your physical well being? How does that rate on a 1 to 10 scale? Do you feel like your spiritual life is running on empty and that you are simply not getting the return on investment you desire? So how’s life? Do you or do you know anyone who has ever had thoughts along these lines? Is your organization slipping or is it in "full fledged funk" ( Bet you can't say that three times?) If you have a group that needs to get refocused and reprioritized, this highly interactive, no holds barred program is just what the doctor ordered. Program can be customized, from one to three hours.

Brendan J. Cunningham — Motivational Speaker

Brendan J. Cunningham

Motivation that lasts...

Author, Rainmaker, Change Merchant, Team builder, Business Developer: "It's like getting Tony Robbins without all those glaring teeth and at a fraction of the cost."

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