Stress Maintenance, Perspective, Life Balance

Stress Maintenance, Perspective, Life Balance

Happiness is a choice and the choice is yours!

Practicing Perspective & Maintaining Balance This motivational keynote focuses on strategies and analogies on how to keep things in perspective in the attempt to maintain contentment, maximize happiness and attain overall life satisfaction. Understanding simple yet effective strategies on practicing perspective and maintaining balance may improve one’s productivity, strengthen their relationships, and aid in developing a person’s utmost potential. Once we learn how to appreciate what we have and not “sweat the small stuff”, we are on our way to reaching all of our personal and professional goals. Stress Reduction Strategies that Work Stress will enter our life on a pretty consistent basis regardless of who we are. It is only when stress levels get out of hand or when it is not managed effectively that it can become harmful to our health and toxic towards our personal and professional endeavors. There are specific strategies aimed at lowering our stress-levels and research-based techniques that may even allow us to use our stress as a motivator in life. This inspirational keynote is directed towards men and women of all ages and demographics and is intended to assist with overall productivity, improve relationships, and maintain one’s overall mental and physical health. Stress does not discriminate and we all could use a little pick-me-up on how to view and manage our stress effectively. 21st Century Health & Wellness Health and wellness have become buzz words in this day and age and there has become an abundance of information overload on the subject matter. Sometimes we may not know which direction to take in the attempt to get healthier, eat right, and honor our body through wellness efforts. This informative keynote will give an overview of health and wellness research surrounding what foods we should be eating; suggestions on what to avoid; exercise programs for all fitness levels; the importance of quality sleep; and how mental and emotional outlooks play a role in our overall health and wellness goals. Other audience favorites include: - The Superwoman Syndrome - Work-Life Balance: How to Find It - Invisible Ailments: How to Prevent What You Can’t See - Happiness is a Choice: Finding Peace & Contentment - Building and Strengthening Relationships at Work & At Home Dr. Hickey can also participate in, create or facilitate wellness panel discussions and Q & As with various medical and holistic health professionals. These speakers can be an add-on to a keynote presentation or used in isolation if a panel is deemed more appropriate or desired. In addition she can combine any of her topics and is also able to take requests to customize a wellness program or series based on the clients needs. Deitra’s presentations can be customized to fit your time frame; as short as a 30 minute lunch and learn to as long as a 3-6 hour (1/2 or full day) professional development.

Dr. Deitra Hickey, Ph.D. — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Deitra Hickey, Ph.D.

You're in control of your happiness, success and destiny!

Dr. Hickey is a motivational speaker & author who witnessed her parents being shot. She overcame adversity and passionately engages audiences on stress, life balance, resilience, empowerment, leadership, and strategic planning w/ humor & engagement.

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