You Are the Captain of Your Ship!

You Are the Captain of Your Ship!

How to set sail for success and make it through any storm

Using Robert's amazing ten year experience as an international Cruise Director, you'll learn how to live life to its fullest each and every day, knowing how to get what you want and be the success you were always meant to be. Knowing exactly how to be the "Captain of Your Ship" in any situation makes life truly worth living. In this unforgettable presentation, you will... • Take control of the wheel and be the Captain of your ship • Persevere through any disaster • Know how to motivate yourself to get the most out of each day • Create your future, one dream at a life vest required!

Robert Landau — Motivational Speaker

Robert Landau

Change your mind...change your life!

Robert Landau has delivered over 2,100 Leadership, Communication and Motivational presentations in over 20 countries. Landau makes sure participants have the tools they need to create true change lives long after his time on the stage is over.

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