Are You a Missionary or a Visionary?

Are You a Missionary or a Visionary?

Combining Purpose With Action to Change the World

KEYNOTE SPEECH FOR: Corporations, Non-profits, Religious organizations A visionary is someone that comes up with great ideas. A missionary is the person that carries out those great ideas. Where the visionaries are the thinkers, missionaries are the doers. A visionary with lots of great ideas who never does anything about them doesn't mean much. A missionary without great ideas to carry out also doesn't mean much. But if you combine great ideas with action, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. This keynote is for any organization that needs leaders and teams to work together efficiently to accomplish their goals. Here's what your attendees will learn: *How to generate passion in your team *Why your organization needs both missionaries AND visionaries *How to write a mission statement & really live it *How to get others to believe in your vision NOTE: 100% of the net proceeds from this speech go to the Doggie Food Bank. As an inventor and international business owner, Julie has been both a visionary and a missionary. She will inspire your audience to take action with their own teams.

Julie Austin — Motivational Speaker

Julie Austin

Inventing the Future

Award-winning inventor & serial entrepreneur. Innovation & creativity expert who's appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News, The Today Show and the Wall Street Journal.

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