Mission Accomplished!   Live or virtual events.

Mission Accomplished! Live or virtual events.

A Heroic way of celebrating your team!

​They performed like ACTION HEROES for you and now you want to celebrate them in Action Hero style. This program makes your audience feel like they accomplished great things this year and empowers them to reach even higher next year. They will Laugh and receive real world techniques for going to the next level. Here is what a recent client said: "Mr. Davis provided an outstanding presentation during our annual year end event. I assure you that you have never experienced a motivational presentation quite like his. It was fun, entertaining, exciting, and inspirational. If you are in need of a keynote speaker and you do not hire him, you are doing yourself a disservice. It was an absolute pleasure for our company to have him at our event." ~Rusty Campbell, CLEAResult

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero — Motivational Speaker

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero

Bullwhips, Nunchucks, World-Class Comedy, and REAL SOLUTIONS

Using bullwhips, nunchucks, and world-class comedy, I will deliver a program that delivers real impact for your audience both personally and professionally! These programs can be delivered either live or virtually.

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