(What resilient leaders do that tired leaders don't)

Powerfully resilient leaders. They exude confidence and self-control. They are influential. Some are loud, some are quiet – and all are confident. A leader is a leader regardless of title or position. Build more of that. Resourceful leaders build energetic life balance and integration. They use tangible, usable tools to weather life’s storms. When tough times hit, resilient leaders are powerfully effective. Be stronger. Recapture proactive perspective. Make memorably better choices. Participants in this session will receive 3 impactful stress-reduction tools to: Improve outlook and enjoy life more. Radically increase professional effectiveness. Quickly counteract fatigue and burn out. Less stress = more peace of mind.

Ana-Christina Hicks — Motivational Speaker

Ana-Christina Hicks

Resilience Training for the Helping Profession

STUCK IN THE GAP? Get out with practical, usable, concrete resilience tools. A tense escape from a tiny Alaskan island led to a complete life-overhaul. Former Corporate Manager designed a 2-minute stress busting tool. Get it for your group now!

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