Taking Care Of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Others

Taking Care Of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Others

An upbeat Health & Wellness program for Associations and Medical Professionals

Audiences will learn to: Take care of themselves, so they can take care of others, Relate to real-life patient experiences illustrating the consequences and necessity for good self-care, Reassure patients by having insight into the patient experience: 1st hand knowledge of using insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, starting with syringes and to keep trying and not give up, regardless of the condition, Relate the size of the diabetes epidemic, types of diabetes and the symptoms, recognizing high and low blood sugar and how to prevent complications in an easy-to-describe way to maximize patient understanding, Support patients for reducing overwhelm and stress associated with diabetes and improving compliance. ...while laughing, being moved and totally entertained! Maggie Hunts uses vulnerability, humor and song to make completed medical data simple & memorable. Using stories and customized songs, Maggie shows how imperative it is to take care of yourself first. Demonstrations and up-close hands-on observations of her medical equipment helps illustrate how patients can utilize the technology available. Maggie uses upbeat and touching stories to address and remove fear, replacing it with hope! This life-altering presentation is memorable, fun and very inspiring!

Maggie Hunts — Motivational Speaker

Maggie Hunts

Musical Motivation & Merriment!

When the occasion calls for lightening-up your attendees so good information can get in and the right actions be taken -- Magical Maggie is THE authority!

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