Gossip to Gospel

Gossip to Gospel

Chronicling Social History

As a veteran Wash DC gossip columnist and a regular dishing with Joan Rivers on camera, I like to think of my role as chronicling history. The word "gossip" is not always negative. What often starts as speculation soon becomes gospel and history headlines. Think Watergate, Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Hillary's private emails, It's often the real story before the spin docs are called in. I chronicle in current time the tangled webs between DC, NY and Hollywood. My presentation is candid and interactive. Always fresh and current. I reveal the back story on current topics from politics to entertainment with lots of first hand amusing but never vicious anecdotes. I talk about why people gossip with colorful current examples. I adapt the talk to each audience.

Karen feld — Motivational Speaker

Karen feld

Karen is facile, engaging, genuine, professional and alive!

Engage in Ice-Breaking Conversation with Karen Feld; Using Your Gift of Gab; Navigating Your Way Through The Media Maze; Gossip: Fact or Fiction? Blurry Lines: News v Entertainment? Blurry Lines: Disability v Ability Hollywood on the Potomac

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