Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion

The Art of Promoting Yourself and Getting Your Ask In Gear

In this fun, motivational and interactive presentation you will learn how to effectively promote yourself and your business to attract more attention and make an impact with your marketing. Uncover a new reality around shameless self-promotion and the art of asking. Discover why self-promotion (when done skillfully) comes from a place of service, passion and commitment to support others. The reality is that if you don’t do shameless promotion, you’ll end up with nameless promotion! Not promoting yourself and asking for what you want and need … goes against the grain of all sales and marketing success! Learn How To: . Embrace shameless self-promotion and discover how to promote yourself skillfully in the service of others. . Promote yourself and your business more effectively to dramatically improve marketing results. . Become a “Master of the Ask” to create more success opportunities in every area of your life. . Become shamelessly sold on yourself and develop absolute confidence in promoting your ideas, services and products with ease!

Debbie Allen, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Debbie Allen, CSP

Business Growth & Success Expert On-site & Virtual

Debbie Allen, Certified Speaking Professional is an international business speaker with over 25 years of experience, presnted in 28 countries, and bestselling author of 9 books. She is an expert on success, business building and marketing.

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