WIRED Social Selling

WIRED Social Selling

How to Refresh Relationships and Reactivate Success RN [Right Now]

In this multi-faceted session, you’ll breeze through a WIRED social selling strategy you can use to map out future success. Learn how to self-assess your social skills and find out where you can improve. We’ll focus on the top sites you can use to raise brand awareness, warm up communities and stand out as a sought out thought leader in the crowded college market — and your own backyard. Get all your social selling and multichannel marketing questions answered in an interactive, collaborative experience. Along with lots of quick and easy ways to optimize social selling, you’ll take away a 36-point checklist to help you fast track your way to future success — starting RN [right now].

Barbara Rozgonyi — Motivational Speaker

Barbara Rozgonyi

Tune Into Tomorrow's Innovations Today

Reviews: Powerhouse Marketer. Pro's Pro. Exceptional strategist. Eloquent speaker. Dynamic presenter, Diligent and thoughtful. Becomes an integral part of your team.

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