Circles of Influence

Circles of Influence

Because we have a differnt type of influence in differnt circles

Get the most out of each circle in your life. We will take a look at every group of people you encounter on a regular basis. Examine your role within each group as well as your influence. We will look at the language of the group, and the personality of each group. We will also take a careful look at where you position yourself within each circle. We will look at the X Factor. This is the group, or thing that you have your eye on. If you can gain acceptance to this group it will make your life better. We will look at how to gain acceptance in a new group, as well as look at the dangers of focusing too much on one group. We will look at how to keep balance and manage family, work, friends, social groups, and social media. This is a very powerful session, especially for busy executives.

John Polish — Motivational Speaker

John Polish


Unlike any other presentation!!! John Polish delivers an engaging and entertaining look at overcoming adversity. His approach to emotional awareness can help personal growth as well as employee morale and customer satisfaction.

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