The Online Footprint for your business

The Online Footprint for your business

Social Media Management

“What are your companies’ current marketing and promotion strategies?” Social Media has become the largest avenue and platform to reach a wide range of audiences! Everyone is linked to one or more Social Media networks either via phone, tablet, or another device. Social Media has become the driving force in businesses’ today! We will utilize social media to target a larger population and we will be able to increase the visibility and bring more awareness to your business! It has been the #1 success to utilize all social media aspects hard to promote artists, events and businesses! Let us bring you customers! In this program, we will provide an overview of social media, introduce the largest Social Media networks and identify tools, strategies, and best practices that your business can use to help social media work for your business and increase visibility, and build more awareness in your community.

Staci 'PurPose' Yarbrough — Motivational Speaker

Staci 'PurPose' Yarbrough

Be empowered and enlightened by PurPose!

Are you ready to be empowered and inspired?? Jump start your event with high energy, excitement and inspiration! The natural, genuine, real and direct approach will draw you in, one word at a time! Contact her assistant for bookings: 216-213-3830

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