Mental Diversity Marketing - Virtual Presention

Mental Diversity Marketing - Virtual Presention

How to Market without offending

Do your teams get nervous writing copy for "mentally disabled" purposes? Do your teams want real-world guidelines that will help you navigate marketing around the main 16 mental disorders ? G' DiCristofaro brings 3 strong areas of experience mixed together. Mental Diversity Plan Rule # 1 : Have 1 of those people within your marketing group Solution: There are too many mentally diverse people, available virtually now, to market blindly to mentally diverse groups  Rule # 2 : Making their disability "OKAY" is not your job. Disabilities will never be OK, even if we thrive in life  Rule # 3: Treat them like you would treat your brother or sister Would you be concerned, go to talk, and say, "Pat, I see you've been off lately, can I talk to you about "SUICIDE PREVENTION"? You would naturally say, "Anything you need to get off your shoulders?" "Things seem rough for you. How about a laugh?" "I love you. How can I help?" REALIZATION : Using the phrase "Suicide Prevention" is like someone having weight issues and offering "FAT PREVENTION" for weight loss.  Imagine Jenny Craig using that slogan ~ "JC's 2020 Fat Prevention". Please don't. G' DiCristofaro brings his mix of psychology, patient experience, and groundbreaking ideas to build your new Mentally Diverse Marketing Plan Which topic can we talk up with your group? Thank you,Confidence Up Gabriel (G') DiCristofaro

G' DiCristofaro — Motivational Speaker

G' DiCristofaro

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Starting Mental Health Conversation in Your Group ~ Helping You, Your Students, and Your Staff navigate mental illness - Introduction to Mental Health Tour | MMM 2020 by G'

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