Managing Millenials

Managing Millenials

Changing the Compensation Package

Playing the same ol' tune at a higher volume or with nicer speakers, simply won't do. Millennials want to hear a new song. When they sign on to participate in your organization, they expect different dynamics as part of their compensation package. Is your organization providing what is necessary to engage and inspire the Millennial generation which is becoming more and more a part of the working landscape? This program can be formatted for both a seminar/workshop and keynote presentation.

Matt Dierdorff — Motivational Speaker

Matt Dierdorff

Shaping Leaders Through Compelling Story & Sustained Change

Communication which creates Change is the only kind worth paying for. Matt Dierdorff is a communicator who speaks in order to shape those participating. From the seminar room to the main stage he works diligently to spark epiphanies in leaders.

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