Happiness-Why Is it So Elusive for so many of Us?

Happiness-Why Is it So Elusive for so many of Us?

Learn 8 Scientifically proven techniques to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Bob Logan spent 20 years as Assistant Dean in the University of Arizona College of Science. As a result, he has worked with many highly ranked scientists in the field of psychology. When asked about the field of Happiness, he discovered there are over 17,000 peer-reviewed research articles on the study of Happiness. Join Bob as he goes over 8 scientifically proven techniques to help you live a happier and more fullfilling life. Can money buy happiness? Find out during this engaging and audience participation talk!

Bob Logan — Motivational Speaker

Bob Logan

Let Your Path Find You....

Mission Statement -- When I speak, I speak from the heart. Being totally transparent and showing ones own flaws and weaknesses helps for a stronger connection to an audience. Our hope is your audience will discover a new-found belief in themselves.

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