Find Your Triessence

Find Your Triessence

A three-part personal growth plan for leaders or individual contributors

Personal growth, empowerment and the ability to live up to our full potential are all things we desire for ourselves. Often, however, the barriers to fulfilling those desires are self-created, either actively, or through channels of which we are completely unaware. This program is designed to give you the ability to recognize and eliminate both active and passive self-sabotage, re-ignite your passion, and identify action steps for achieving the goals in life that you want to accomplish by using optimism and mindfulness. TRIESSENCE: /trÄ«/esÉ™ns/ (noun) The perfect balance between the three elements of your true essence–physical, mental and spiritual. Aligning these three states results in happiness, fulfilling relationships, health, success, love and joy. After many years of training and working with business leaders, yogis, entrepreneurs, celebrities, management experts, and countless people searching for what is missing in their lives, Tessa has learned the importance of true balance–and how to achieve it. In this program, Tessa shares the tools and techniques she has learned along her journey in finding true joy and fulfillment in her life, ending self-sabotage, and pursuing personal and professional growth. Through personal anecdotes and professional research, Tessa covers all three areas of critical attention with light-hearted grace. Through the use of specific, mindful tactics, you will learn how to: - Recognize and eliminate instances of self-sabotage - Identify relationships, behaviors and beliefs that are not serving you - Make new decisions in order to live out your greatness you were born to be! You will learn that you are capable of amazing things, but are also capable of subconsciously limiting your own successes. Tessa helps you realize where your life has potential for nurturing, and then gives you the tools to find results quickly.

Tessa Todd Morgan — Motivational Speaker

Tessa Todd Morgan

Mindfulness Expert

Tessa Todd Morgan is a mindfulness expert, personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence.

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