Getting Real About Workplace Wellness

Getting Real About Workplace Wellness

A Yoga Class Alone Won't Do It

This workplace wellness talk gives audiences something they are excited to walk away with: accessible, engaging stories that are different than what they've heard before, and actionable tips they can use starting that very day. These tips will improve their relationships, stress levels, and health, and are all delivered with a healthy dose of motivation and humor. My typical hour-long talk on managing workplace stress and improving your health and productivity covers: --the alarming data about workplace, stress, disengagement, and burnout-- and its toll on productivity, especially among people who work long hours (did you know that 70 percent of doctor's office visits can be attributed to stress-related illnesses?) --14 surprisingly small, common factors that add up to a significantly more stressful workplace environment-- what they look like, and how they can be changed and even banished altogether -- the way that good workplace relationships can decrease stress and improve your health (shockingly, having poor friendships is the mortality equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day) and even increase your motivation at work (a majority of workers report that relationships with coworkers are a large part of job satisfaction)-- and how to build those solid relationships in the workplace --why typical "wellness" interventions may have very little benefit (yoga is great, but an hour a week of downward dog won't do much if employees aren't otherwise making changes in how they handle their stress) This talk culminates in a hard-hitting message that puts it all together and gets employees and business leaders on board with making changes that very day. What audiences are saying: “I heard NOTHING but positive reviews from the attendees at the event. From the "WOW--she was amazing!" to "Where did you find her? This was one of the best events I've attended," it was clear how much of an impact Andrea made at the event. ”-- Lena Jackman, event planner for Andrea's keynote at the 7th Annual MD Health and Wellness Symposium

Dr. Andrea Bonior — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Andrea Bonior

Bringing the Science of Psychology To Life

Psychologist, professor, author and media personality speaks on motivation, relationships, work-life balance and well-being. An expert on stress, productivity and social interactions, who connects with audiences large and small.

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