Basics of Leaderships

Basics of Leaderships

Principles That Help Leaders Win

Here is a subject that I am so passionate about, and I know makes a difference in everyone’s life and in the business life of every organization. That topic is — Leadership.   What would it be worth to you to learn from another leader’s mistakes? If you could gain insight and strategies from other leader’s years of trial and errors, would you be interested in it? …why of course you would.   All of us have experienced a failure when leading our self or leading others? I don’t know about you, but when I sat in the middle of a colossal blunder in my leadership, I wished someone would have warned me about this.   The stakes are really high in leading others today. There is more completion, slimmer margins and the pressure to perform is increasing not decreasing in today’s markets. How would you like an advantage in helping your team become successful? Of course, you do. Let’s talk about leadership, especially some gold nuggets that you will be able to apply right away after this session.

L. Wayne Smalls — Motivational Speaker

L. Wayne Smalls

Empower, Enable, & Enhance Leaders to Grow

L. Wayne Smalls is the CEO of L. Wayne Smalls Global Leadershp, LLC. - Certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team specializing in leadership training, keynote and motivational speeches, as well as individual and group coaching

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