Mind of a Champion

Mind of a Champion

How to Lead with Power, Passion and Purpose

In this inspiring and high energy keynote, 8th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor Chris Natzke, uses martial arts as a metaphor for life. In sharing his "7 Qualities of Black Belt Leadership" with businesses, organizations and their leaders, Chris demonstrates how following these principles can positively impact the lives of others and set one free to experience the success and happiness they deserve. Programs are specifically designed to inspire, engage and entertain audience members through high-energy and interactive keynote talks focusing on the following "7 Qualities of Black Belt Leadership". • Purposeful Vision: Gaining clarity of and committing to a life vision that has purpose, meaning and impact. • Be the Change: Powerfully moving through life as an expression of who you want to "be" in the world. • Personal Integrity: Realizing the impact of honoring your word not to others, but importantly to yourself. • Conscious Persistence: Realizing freedom comes through discipline while expanding gracefully out of our comfort zone into transformation • Compassionate Service: Making a difference in the world through empowered empathy • Acceptance and Surrender: Letting go of your fears, judgments and what no longer serves you to embrace a life perspective that leads to peace, clarity and transformation •Inspired Action: Activating strength of heart and taking the steps necessary to realize your dreams and impact the world.

Chris Natzke — Motivational Speaker

Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching

Energize and inspire your team with the leadership lessons taught by a 8th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor and former National Champion

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