Breaking The Excuse Barriers In Leadership

Breaking The Excuse Barriers In Leadership

Producing Powerful Transformation

Excuses, excuses, how many of us have them? Breaking The Excuse Barriers In Leadership addresses how to overcome barriers that hamper creativity and clog our ability to positively influence others in leadership contexts. We will explore in depth how to cast aside unproductive habits that hinder our full leadership potential. In particular, the talk will focus on how to: 1. Overcome the fear of something new 2. Recognize that leadership is a continuous stretch — Tension is Good 3. Be intentional about achieving growth 4. Choose a different path: stop running into dead ends 5. Reshape your character to facilitate personal growth 6. Acknowledge that capacity is predicated on growth Leadership is far more than interpreting a company's mission and objectives and translating these into individual actions. Rather, it is an activity or set of attributes capable of producing powerful transformation, along with the ability to unleash innovation and development for both the leader and employees. As such, leadership development is an essential personal growth investment in today's upward-moving business climate, as is the recognition that what worked in the past will not always work today. Yet it is not about simply recreating the wheel it is about mindfully changing our approach. Leaders who are prepared to adjust by breaking excuse barriers are those who achieve personal and professional growth, greater employee engagement, and complete projects successfully. After attending this discussion, participants will be better equipped to recognize, articulate, and execute strategies to eliminate excuse barriers in their own leadership. They will gain a greater sense of awareness about their individual leadership strengths and areas for growth, a deeper understanding of team dynamics, and greater confidence in applying meaningful strategies to help a group achieve its goals.

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