5 Mind Tools For Igniting Productivity Without Burning Out!

5 Mind Tools For Igniting Productivity Without Burning Out!

How Top Producers De-Stress, Recharge & Excel In Pressure Situations!

Employees are your most important asset and the costs of burnout and turnover are astronomical! Even worse, having to constantly find new hires steals away your time and ability to accomplish tasks or achieve team goals! How do you keep different personality types feeling appreciated and secure, while creating a culture that attracts top talent, and still have the time to get your work done? Those answers are in this program! What Attendees Will Learn 5 mind tools for igniting productivity in ways that actually prevent burnout! #1 way to cultivate psychological safety in the workplace. A proven 3-step approach for recharging your mental batteries in only 60-seconds! When you create a workplace culture based on respectful communication and trusting relationships, productivity, collaboration and morale skyrockets! What Attendees Will Walk Away With (Practical Takeaways) Several tested and proven tools for quickly improving communication, focus and outcomes for leaders and employees. An amazing relaxation strategy that boosts your energy and gives you the confidence and patience to achieve your objectives! These strategies are easy-to-implement, take very little time to apply, and provide a remarkable ROI! What Attendees Will Experience During The Presentation Your participants will enjoy the fresh new strategies and insights, humorous stories and real-life experiences that demonstrate how powerful the information they are learning actually is! This program creates a positive BUZZ that attendees will be reminiscing about long after your event has concluded! YES, this program is FUN! YES, your participants will feel ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED afterwards! YES, what they will learn will be LIFE-CHANGING and life-enhancing! Most importantly, they will leave feeling emotionally empowered to create more impactful relationships, both at work and home! Once you learn these skills, you will always remember them, which means this presentation creates lasting, sustainable transformation! Tim Shurr is an internationally known expert in optimizing human performance. He's also an award-winning speaker, crowd favorite, and trusted parter of meeting planners!  To learn more or bring Tim to your upcoming event, please call (317) 502-5293 or email tim@timshurr.com

Tim Shurr, MA - "The Optimizer!" — Motivational Speaker

Tim Shurr, MA - "The Optimizer!"

Beliefs + Influence = Success!

TAKE YOUR SUCCESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! "Award-Winning Leadership & Influential Communication Specialist, Tim Shurr, Ignites Productivity, Collaboration, & Morale Through Optimizing Human Software!" (Unconscious Beliefs, Biases & Communication Habits)

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