Leading Yourself and Others with Confidence, Courage, and Grace

Leading Yourself and Others with Confidence, Courage, and Grace

5 practical steps to mastering your time, energy, and money

The ability to lead ourselves and others through change determines the quality of our lives. In this humorous, inspiring, and thought-provoking story of one woman's unlikely journey to understanding what it means to be an authentic leader, you'll discover how to create habits of continual growth for personal and professional development. Every authentic leader understands that performance and productivity improve when we are thriving. The challenging part is understanding what makes us thrive, especially during times of rapid change when feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and fear can be high If the individuals in your audience have ever dreamed of feeling confident, they can create what comes next, they'll love this story of how a single mother left her career in nursing leadership and found her passion again in helping individuals and organizations understand change so that they can achieve possibilities. Your audience will connect with her personal stories of success and failure as she overcomes the obstacles of life, work, and relationships to pursue her dreams. Toie's straight talking personality and get real approach to overcoming fear, self-doubt, and other obstacles that sabotage our success will have your audience feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities they can achieve. Click on the video tab to watch Toie in action. As a keynote or workshop speaker, Toie creates personal content for your group. Here are a few of the most requested topics. 1. Managing change so it doesn't control you: Simplifying change 2. Relax and Get to know yourself: Self-Awareness isn't just for hippies and gurus anymore 3. Ready, Set, Action: Aligning your actions with your thoughts 4. I see you, I hear you, I value you: Empathy and other important social skills 5. We are all executives in our lives: Learning how to be an authentic leaders of ourselves and others Relevant Credentials: -RN, BSN with twenty years’ experience -MBA in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change from Texas Tech University, Rawls Graduate School of Business -Lean Six Sigma certified with significant experience as a Change Management Consultant -Significant interest and studies in emotional intelligence, empathy, positive psychology and other evidence-based research involved with change, personal development and organizational culture. For availability and speaking fees, contact Toie's office with details at 806-881-6331 or click check availability to send a message through SpeakerMatch.

Toie Martin RN, BSN, MBA — Motivational Speaker

Toie Martin RN, BSN, MBA

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My goal is for everyone to leave my events feeling a little more confident and courageous about creating what comes next. I use humor, storytelling, and science to inspire and educate others on creating positive change and achieving possibilities.

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