Extremely Centered

Extremely Centered

Better Decision Making by Recognizing and Removing Bias

Bias. It's part of being human. We are all products of our experiences, the things we've been taught, and, of course, that special magic that puts the "me" in each of us. But making decisions without a genuinely open mind often gets us something other than the best result, and sometimes leads to truly disastrous results. Even without an actual bad choice, even the perception of bias has substantial impacts on employee engagement. A study by the Center for Talent Innovation found that employees who perceive bias in the workplace are three times more likely to be searching for a new job (Check out Rob's program on staff retention to understand the huge business impacts there!). In this 30-60 minute program, attendees will learn: What are key sources of bias? How do we recognize bias? Processes for taking in information fairly before applying our own "me" factor ** This program is new, and will be offered at half the normal fee for the first three events

Rob Vieira — Motivational Speaker

Rob Vieira

Success By Helping Others Succeed

I work with organizations to build a strategic approach to leadership that addresses the importance of new leaders and takes a "big picture" view on hiring and retaining teams

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