Response Agility

Response Agility

Breaking Through Barriers in Business and In Life

Set the course. Align your actions. Attune yourself. Engage others. This transformative and experiential keynote expands on a skill every leader (really every human) hopes to master. Audience members walk away with insight into hardwired triggers limiting their effectiveness and a practical approach for overcoming these limitations to clear the path for better connection with their teams. Specifically, your audience will learn how to: • Respond to adversity, stress and pressure with power and ease • Navigate change thoughtfully and effectively • Take ownership of their experiences and recalibrate as needed • Shift disempowering and limited thinking Testimonials "Margaret was truly a breath of fresh air when she presented her well-documented research. Her passion for effective leadership was truly inspiring and challenging. The self-realization that "it begins with me" was both enlightening and humbling. The neuroscience was truly fascinating and her expertly demonstrating how diagonal-thinking and managing energy systems leads to executive thinking and synchronicity was most powerful. I am grateful for her insights and expertise which, when put into practice, will make me or anyone a better, in-house HR consultant at the highest level." Keith Hardcastle, Gulf Coast Authority "Margaret's presentation was outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken to since her presentation today has raved about her presentation and content. She offered some thought provoking ideas and learning opportunities for everyone. We are very appreciative of her time to come here and her expertise." Sharon Brown, Moseley Associates Meet The Speaker Margaret Graziano has first hand experience in overcoming the following, seemingly insurmountable, obstacles and embodies the tools required to succeed: • Transformed herself from a work-a-holic, operating at the speed of sound, to an intentional, mindful and organized leader who now inspires the same transformation in others • Built a business from scratch in 2012, at 48 years old, and made the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies by 2019 • Survived a failed Silicon Valley software start up, fought for her IP and won A single mom who started her career with a high school education, Margaret is grounded in what it truly means to realize and elevate potential. Known for her courageous authenticity and massively impactful coaching style, Margaret brings 20 years of experience to empowerment, collaboration, and alignment, with an unwavering focus on helping companies raise both their employee morale and their bottom line.

Margaret Graziano — Motivational Speaker

Margaret Graziano

Silicon Valley's Top 100 Influential Women in Business!

Margaret empowers business leaders to reshape their company’s culture—sparking increased employee performance by up to 35% and revenue growth of up to 200%.

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