The Role of Humor in Leadership and Team Building

The Role of Humor in Leadership and Team Building

Leader Humor from a Baby Boomer

Humor has been related to a number of positive effects when used by leaders: improved morale among workers, enhanced group cohesiveness, and even a positive impact on larger organizational outcomes. This presentation addresses how humor can be used to enhance leadership effectiveness with an emphasis on improved communication and team building. Guidelines for use of humor will be discussed to ensure humor does not get out of hand at work emphasizing the important of appropriate humor and educating staff on the dangers of using inappropriate humor. Learning Objectives: 1.Identify ways humor can be used to improve communication 2.Describe and practice humor techniques for team building 3.Recognize and distinguish the differences between appropriate and inappropriate humor

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP — Motivational Speaker

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP

The best of humor from a baby boomer!

One of a very rare breed of Board Certified Humor Professionals bestowed by the Humor Academy of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. David received a personal thank you from President Obama for his work with trauma survivors.

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