Leadership Alchemy:

Leadership Alchemy:

The Art of Transforming the Led into Leaders

Every organization talks about leadership, yet how many embody principles of leadership empowering others to grow and become leaders. One challenge is the absence of a clear understanding of what real leadership does. Real leadership is evidenced by action not endless descriptions of what leadership is or is not. What is leadership; is it influence, position, authority, a mix of all the above and more or something altogether different? Are leaders born or are they grown? This 30-minute presentation, “Leadership Alchemy”, responds to the questions with clear, understandable and actionable ideas for lifting your team to both personal and professional leadership by transforming the willing into the winning. The Leadership Alchemy presentation is an interactive and entertaining learning event designed to inspire and ignite participants’ ownership for their growth as leaders and a personal and professional passion for the work of leadership wherever they serve. The Essential Take-aways from the Keynote are: ● Leadership is an inside job ● That you are already leading ● Learning essential actions to break-through the fear of leading ● Developing the discipline to lead yourself first ● That authentic leadership is a relationship, not a role ● Leadership is a shared responsibility ● Leadership done right makes everyone’s work simpler

Garry M.Spotts — Motivational Speaker

Garry M.Spotts

Growth Is The Only Evidence of Life, Change And Grow Or Die!

Growth is Optional, Coincidental or Intentional, but Never Accidental! How 15 minutes a day of thoughtfulness can bridge the gap between average and exceptional in your personal, professional and business life.

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