How to lead and succeed in the fast changing New World Marketplace

How to lead and succeed in the fast changing New World Marketplace

Open your eyes to rapid demographic and cultural shifts & learn how to lead in a world different than the one taught in textbooks

We've all heard the myths, clichés, and rhetoric on the impact of globalization. We've heard sound bites on the customer trends, forecasts and prognostications. Many pundits and politicians talk about global leadership but they miss the core issue facing every business and community leader. When you are in a leadership role, "We" is getting trickier to define in terms of culture, race, ethnicity, gender roles, beliefs and values. A rapid cultural and demographic shift has occured over the past decade but it's not being addressed. For better or worse, the world of mad men is dead. Alive in its place lives a world pulsing with culturally diverse make up of business and social models, impacting your business growth and leadership practices. Now more than ever, leaders and companies must find ways to stay relevant in a world that is fundamentally different from the one being taught in textbooks. Farnaz will spark awareness of these rapid, critical cultural and demographic shifts, redefining what diversity really means to your organization and community. Consider the following facts and projections: *The majority of the US will soon be non-white, with no single ethnic or racial majority by 2055 *Hispanics, Asians & multi-racial children accounted for almost all of the US population growth this past decade *Asia has replaced Latin America (including Mexico) as the biggest source of new immigrants to the US *For every two men graduating from college, three women graduate, and with better GPAs *Women are the largest target market opportunity globally, with $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, expected to rise to $30 trillion in the next five years.. *85% of all buying decisions are made by women in the US *Gen Y is 3x the size of Gen X, now the largest global work force and consumers *Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z are highly multicultural and last generations to be majority white. *The world is aging, a big demographic challenge globally *Cultural values is the most important value in consumers' minds As a cultural change expert and sought- after inspirational speaker, Farnaz challenges leaders to foresake their past orthodoxies, biases and prejudices that hold them back from future business growth and success. After this keynote, audience will walk away with: ​*An understanding of the societal transformation and rapid demographics and cultural shifts emerging today and in near future *What these macro trends mean to you, your organization, and your bottomline *How to become a successful Leader for your organization in the New World Marketplace *Tools to bridge cultural and generational gaps with your workforce and consumers. Format: ​45-60 min keynote This program is perfect for: ​general audience and mid-sentior level management

Farnaz Wallace — Motivational Speaker

Farnaz Wallace

Farnaz will help you succeed in The New World Marketplace

Farnaz will spark awareness of rapid cultural and demographic shifts impacting your business, consumers & workforce, and show you how to lead, grow and profit in a fast changing New World Marketplace.

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