Battlefield to Boardroom

Battlefield to Boardroom

Business is a Battle * Adjust-for-Fire and Zero-In

Business is a battlefield. Why settle for a fair fight, if you can get an edge? Clients are tough. So is the military. Soldiers execute a mission and function as a cohesive group despite being tired, afraid, or unsure of their surroundings. “We” the American people, are their “customers” and they do not let us down. - Imagine if - your company had the customer focus of the Navy Seals? - Imagine if - your team approached every project, client, or sales call as a military operation? - Imagine if - military tools and tactics reassured clients that they have the best on their side? Success begins and ends with YOU. How are you adjusting to be sure that your team is the team is the best that it can be? "Battlefield to Boardroom" is Victoria Bondoc’s philosophy that all companies can instill the courage, discipline, and credibility of the military…And they will be an unstoppable force in business. Victoria started her company with one employee…herself. Her assignment? The U.S. Army sent her as a civilian to investigate black market crime in Panama. She risked her life, completed the mission, and has continually earned the respect and coveted contracts of some of the top brass in the Armed Forces. "Battlefield to Boardroom" is laser-focused on leadership and precise strategy that continually delivers success. Victoria will highlight how she has won and lost huge contracts throughout her career and how she and her team never make the same mistake twice. Attendees will take away practical knowledge so they can; - Earn and retain credibility with clients and co-workers - Literally “Picture the Win” - Zero in on the details that make the difference - Manipulate deadlines to anticipate “Murphy’s Law” - Implement strategies that inspire each member of your team to be a better leader, no matter what their title Victoria has built her business from one person to a multi-million dollar powerhouse by following the "No Fail, No Excuses" philosophy demanded by the military. She believes that Gemini only succeeds when the customer is successful, and she understands what it takes to motivate a team to be the best in any business. "Battlefield to the Boardroom" brings energy, a fresh perspective, and practical advice to the podium. Victoria has inspired not only her team and customers, but audiences in various industries to lead with decisive confidence and deliver a first-class product to clients. Victoria Bondoc was an engineer on the “Star Wars” missile defense program, worked undercover investigating black market crime, and grew Gemini Industries to operations at 12 US locations and overseas. You will leave with a new sense of “mission” and plan for success.

National Security & Business Experts — Motivational Speaker

National Security & Business Experts

Turn Mission Impossible to Mission Success

A maverick in National Security, Victoria Bondoc grew Gemini to operations at 12 US locations and abroad. As a Foreign Service officer, Greg Hicks developed global strategies and led the effort that saved the lives of over 30 Americans in Benghazi.

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