Influential Leadership

Influential Leadership

Motivation Strategies for Busy Bosses

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Mid-Level Managers (New or Experienced), Executives, Franchise Owners AVAILABLE FORMATS: Keynote, Breakout Session, Strategic Work Session (Half-day or Full-day) DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: Funny, engaging, and sharply insightful, Influential Leadership offers proven answers to some of the most difficult challenges faced while leading others. If you had no ability to punish or reward, could you still motivate every member of your team? If you aren’t constantly “on them,” does the work still get done? Does it get done right? Do you ever feel like a babysitter instead of a boss? After this program, attendees will be able to: - Use the five laws of delegation to ensure work gets done, and gets done right - Describe the two simple (but contradictory) rules of leadership and how high levels of human connection will bridge the gap - Deliver negative feedback in a way that creates movement instead of mutiny - Create real motivation within their teams without resorting to bribes, threats, or even incentives - Implement an eye-opening method for making smart decisions that cuts meeting times by 75%, destroys groupthink, and increased creative output for IBM by 493% - Artfully deal with the frequent “pop-ins” that threaten productivity while still maintaining an open door policy - Implement these leadership and influence strategies starting tomorrow, whether they have an official title or not - And MUCH more FEEDBACK: “One comment — Awesome. I gained several different insights in regards to management that will be valuable to me in my current position.” - Donna Groff, Pfizer, Collegeville, PA “This program benefited me with an increase in productivity and smoother running teams. It challenged and motivated me to engage my team.” — Elizabeth Bjellquist, Lead Software Engineer, ADP Roseland, NJ “The best practices and examples helped clarify many questions about moving into my new role. Great job and very helpful.” — Ariel Delgaeto, IT Manager, Weight Watchers International, New York City

Tim David — Motivational Speaker

Tim David

Highly Entertaining, High-Content Presentations

Human connection skills are becoming extinct in our digital world. Unfortunately, they are what matter MOST in business (and in life). Tim David's high-energy, high-content programs can help you become "good at people" in a practical way

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